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Update to servers planned for April

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Service News

Primary DB Failure [Resolved]

[03:22] Dear Members, our main database experienced a critical error and had to be taken offline. Our backup was brought up to take over and we have been switching over all services to use this. Service is a tad slow still but we are working on that and will update you as we go. For now we thank you for bearing with us and the slow page response until we get everything back to full speed again. 

[04:05] Things looking a bit faster again though still not great. We will continue to track down any remaining bottlenecks. Thanks for your patience everyone. 

[08:20] The slow down was due to some code still trying to connect to a secondary server and taking a while to time out. This has been modified and we're now seeing fast load times again. Everything should now be back to normal. 

Originally Written: 13-Aug-2013 03:24, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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